We appreciate everyone who will be joining us on this adventure.  We know that this trip is not just a wedding, but a vacation, and you all have gone above and beyond to be present on our big day.  We do not expect, or need any gifts - you being here with us is more, and we do mean MORE, than enough.  With that being said, we do know that there will be those who will ask what to get us.  If you insist on getting us something, adding to our Honey Fund would be great!


We know it's not traditional, it's not the way it's done,

Rather than a registry, we'd like a little fun.

We’ve got our pots & pans, and our bills are mostly paid,

It’s time to look ahead to the wedding in the glade.

So if you'd like to give a gift to help us celebrate,

something towards our "honey fund" we would appreciate.

The choice is really up to you, but we would like to say-

the best gift that we could receive is you here on our special day.